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We are a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development and production. The company has three dedicated crucible production lines, advanced production equipment, excellent process technology, and a complete quality assurance system. The series of crucible products we produce are widely recognized in the smelting industry.

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We have experience in managing risks related to international trade, such as compliance, logistics, and payment processing. By working with FUTURE, you can leverage this expertise to minimize your own risk exposure.

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We are proud to have extensive industry knowledge and the ability to provide customized solutions. Whether you looking for product or complete solution, our expertise and resources can help you. Feel free to contact us!


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We are a high-tech enterprise that specializes in integrating design, development, production, manufacturing, and construction for metal smelting products. Our company has three production lines for continuous casting and citrus worm production lines, equipped with advanced production equipment, excellent technology, and a perfect quality assurance system.

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We are proud to have passed the IS09001-2015 quality system certification, and we have established an effective quality management control system that strictly adheres to IS09001:2015 "Quality Management System-Requirements" and "Implementation Rules for Refractory Product Production License." We continuously improve our quality management system to ensure its effective implementation. Additionally, we have obtained the "Industrial Products (Refractory Materials) Production License" issued by the State Administration of Technical Supervision.


Our products are of excellent quality, and their service life can meet or exceed manufacturers' requirements. We attribute this to our high-quality staff, sophisticated production equipment, perfect testing methods, advanced production technology, and scientific enterprise management, which are powerful guarantees for the quality of our products.
Our furnace department committed to developing innovative industrial heating solutions. Our main products include industrial electric induction furnaces, industrial drying ovens, and upgrading and optimization services for all types of industrial heating systems.

We focus on energy saving and efficiency, utilizing patented magnetic heating technology, proprietary RS-RTOS operating systems, as well as 32-bit MCU and Qflash technology, high-speed current induction technology, and multi-channel output technology, this has led us to create a new energy-saving electromagnetic resonance furnace, which leads the industry in terms of efficiency and performance. With the characteristics of fast melting speed, high energy efficiency, and uniform heating during the melting process, our furnace can provide you an efficient, safe, and precise melting experience.
Whether you are a manufacturer seeking to improve production efficiency or a laboratory seeking accurate and controllable results, this furnace is your ideal choice. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians strive to maintain a leading position in the continuously developing field of industrial heating, and our goal is to provide high-quality products and services that meet customers' unique needs with sustainability and customer satisfaction as our focus. Join us on this journey as we continue to break through the boundaries of industrial heating technology, creating a better future for everyone.