• Casting Furnace

Why Choose Us

Why Choose RONGDA?

Competitive Price

We can offer competitive pricing that can help customers save money and maximize their profit margins.

Strict Quality Control

We emphasize strict quality control measures can assure customers will receive high-quality products that meet their requirements and expectations.

Sales And Service

Our excellent sales service offer customers a positive buying experience and build long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

Timely Feedback

We provide timely feedback after sale. We provide product photos and production videos, which can help customers stay informed about their orders’ stations and make decisions.

Expertise and Experience

We have expertise and experience in melt melting industry, which can offer customers valuable insights, advice, and guidance. Helping you make informed decisions and achieve their business objectives.

Quick Response Time

We have a policy of 24 hours responding, include offering troubleshooting assistance, providing replacement parts or repairs, or simply answering questions and offering guidance as needed.

Why Choose Our Crucible?


We are highly skilled in the production of crucibles. In addition,we have a thorough understanding of the materials, designs,and manufacturing procedures needed, all of which aid in the development of crucibles of the highest caliber. We keep up with the most recent market trends and developments while also consistently enhancing our methods.


We pledge to create crucibles of the finest caliber. To ensure that they match our demanding quality requirements, our items go through thorough testing and inspection. Our crucibles are sturdy, long-lasting, and dependable because we only use the best raw materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.


We are aware that various markets and uses have varied specifications for crucibles. We provide a wide range of unique solutions, including materials, sizes, forms, and coatings, to address this. To develop crucibles that specifically address their requirements and produce the best outcomes, we collaborate closely with our clients.

Competitive Price

We provide competitive price without compromising quality. We make an effort to offer affordable solutions to satisfy our customers since we recognize how important it is to stay under budget.

why Choose Our Electric Furnace?

High Quality

We produce high quality furnaces, which have the advantage of efficient,reliable, and built to last. We use the best materials and latest techniques to ensure our products meet or exceed industry standards.

Energy Saving

Our energy saving induction furnaces can lower your energy cost and boost your bottom line. Because of the energy and environmentally friendly construction of our furnaces,both the environment and your company will be benefited.

Experienced Team

Our technical professionals have over 20 years of experience in the melting industry. Our customers receive the greatest service and technical assistance available. We can assist you in selecting the best furnace for your needs, and we provide continuing technical support and maintenance to ensure that our furnace performs at top efficiency.

Customize Choices

Because we recognize that each customer has different wants, we offer customizable alternatives to match your exact needs. To provide you with the best performance and efficiency, we may adapt our furnaces with varied materials, production quantities, and other aspects.