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Electric Tilting Induction Furnace for copper


√ Temperature 20℃~1300℃

√ Melting copper 300Kwh/Ton

√ Melting Aluminum 350Kwh/Ton

√ Precise temperature control

√ Fast melting speed

√ Easy replacement of heating elements and crucible

√ Crucible life for  Aluminum die casting up to 5 years

√ Crucible life for brass up to 1 year


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• Melting copper 300KWh/ton

• Fast Melting Rates

• Precise temperature control

• Easy replacement of heating elements and crucible

Our Industrial Electric Tilting Furnace is an energy-efficient product designed to help cut the cost of production. With its reliable and efficient performance, this induction furnace is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications, including melting, alloying, recycling, and foundry casting in the copper industry.


Better Metal Quality: Induction furnaces can produce higher quality copper melts, as they can melt the metal more uniformly and with better temperature control. This can result in fewer impurities and better chemical composition of the final product.

Lower Operating Costs: Induction furnaces typically have lower operating costs compared to electric arc furnaces, as they require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan.

Easy replacement of elements and crucible:

Design the furnace to have an accessible and easy-to-remove heating element and crucible. Use standardized heating elements and crucibles to ensure that replacements are readily available and easy to find. Provide clear instructions and training on how to replace the heating elements and crucible to minimize downtime and ensure safety.

Safety features:

The furnace has several safety features to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation. These may include automatic shut-off, over-temperature protection, and safety interlocks.

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Technical Specification 

Copper Capacity


Melting time

Outer diameter



Working temperature

Cooling method

150 KG

30 KW

2 H

1 M


50-60 HZ

20~1300 ℃

Air cooling

200 KG

40 KW

2 H

1  M

300 KG

60 KW

2.5 H

1  M

350 KG

80 KW

2.5 H

1.1 M

500 KG

100 KW

2.5 H

1.1 M

800 KG

160 KW

2.5 H

1.2 M

1000 KG

200 KW

2.5 H

1.3 M

1200 KG

220 KW

2.5 H

1.4 M

1400 KG

240 KW

3 H

1.5 M

1600 KG

260 KW

3.5 H

1.6 M

1800 KG

280 KW

4 H

1.8 M



What is the delivery time?

The furnace is normally delivered within 7-30 days after payment.

How do you quickly solve device failures?

Based on the operator's description, images, and videos, our engineers will quickly diagnose the reason of the malfunction and guide replacement of the accessories. We can send engineers to the spot to make repairs if necessary.

What advantages do you have compared to other induction furnace manufacturers?

We provide customized solutions based on our customer's specific conditions, resulting in more stable and efficient equipment, maximizing customer benefits.

Why is your induction furnace more stable?

With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a reliable control system and a simple operating system, backed by multiple technical patents.

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