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30% Electric Saving Stationary Type Smelting and Holding Furnace


√ Temperature 20℃~1300℃

√ Melting copper 300Kwh/Ton

√ Melting Aluminum 350Kwh/Ton

√ Precise temperature control

√ Fast melting speed

√ Easy replacement of heating elements and crucible

√ Crucible life for  Aluminum die casting up to 5 years

√ Crucible life for brass up to 1 year

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The copper smelting and holding furnace for copper melting has the advantages of energy saving and high efficiency, precise temperature control, fast melting speed, low emission, scrap metal can be used, safe and clean operation, etc. These advantages make them a popular choice for a variety of smelting applications, from small foundries to large industrial enterprises.


Good Metal Quality: Induction furnaces produce higher quality copper melts because they melt the metal more uniformly and have better temperature control. This can result in a final product with fewer impurities and a better chemical composition.

Lower operating costs: Induction furnaces typically have lower operating costs than electric arc furnaces because they require less maintenance and last longer.

Energy Efficiency: Induction furnaces are more energy efficient than traditional furnaces, because induction furnaces induce heat directly into the melted material. This eliminates a separate power source to heat the furnace, resulting in significant energy savings.

Faster Melting: Induction furnaces can melt copper faster than electric arc furnaces because they heat the metal quickly and evenly.

Technical Specification

Copper Capacity


Melting time

Outer diameter



Working temperature

Cooling method

150 KG

30 KW

2 H

1 M


50-60 HZ

20~1300 ℃

Air cooling

200 KG

40 KW

2 H

1  M

300 KG

60 KW

2.5 H

1  M

350 KG

80 KW

2.5 H

1.1 M

500 KG

100 KW

2.5 H

1.1 M

800 KG

160 KW

2.5 H

1.2 M

1000 KG

200 KW

2.5 H

1.3 M

1200 KG

220 KW

2.5 H

1.4 M

1400 KG

240 KW

3 H

1.5 M

1600 KG

260 KW

3.5 H

1.6 M

1800 KG

280 KW

4 H

1.8 M


How about your after sales service?

We take pride in our comprehensive after-sales service. When you purchase our machines, our engineers will assist with installation and training to make sure your machine is running smoothly. If necessary, we can send engineers to your place for repairing. Trust us to be your partner in success!

Can you provide OEM service and print our company logo on the industrial electric furnace?

Yes, we offer OEM services, including customizing industrial electric furnaces to your design specifications with your company logo and other branding elements.

How long is the time of product delivery?

Delivery within 7-30 days after receiving the deposit. The delivery data is subject to the final contract.

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